Over on Facebook, my friend Adelle said that I couldn’t just cop out and run the WDW 10K as a princess because that was just too easy. She suggested Mrs. Potatohead … I don’t think so. I’m not running 6 miles in a sweaty brown bag, tyvm.

I did decide I’d come up with some non-princess costume options. If Nora does end up picking one, she’ll probably pick the glitziest fairy or princess, so I need to moderate that a bit!

So here you go … I present my first real Polyvore running costume: Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast. (Don’t laugh too much at my PV skills, please!) Yes, the round little teapot who hops all over the castle, trying to take care of everyone. I thought it could be appropriate! (Although I may actually be more like Cogsworth in the losing my mind aspect … ) And these are my actual running shoes!

Mrs. Potts Running Costume
Mrs. Potts Running Costume by dormousie featuring pink aviator sunglasses

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