I’m Erin, wife to Will, mother to Seth, Nora, and Jude, and convenient source of head scratches to Bonnie and Josie. (Clive, the almost-famous “Clive in a box” cat, lived with me for 15 years before going to kitty heaven in September 2012.) We live in hot, muggy Houston, Texas. We might be slightly crazy, but we have lots of love, laughter, and fun in our family. We think that’s probably as good as it can get.

I’ve had some sort of online writing going since 1997 (dark ages!) but got really tired of my scattershot blogging. Since 1997 I’ve: worked for three different companies, moved to Houston, graduated from college in a field completely different from what I started in, met Will and got married within a year of our first date, bought a house, sold a house, built a house, had two three children, and all kinds of other things I couldn’t possibly have imagined 13 years ago.

So I decided to start over with what takes up most of my life right now: my family. Seth started calling me Mimi (after a stint of both Will and I being “Dadoo”), so Mimi Erin will share whatever nuggets of goodness (or awfulness) we’ve experienced along the way of starting and growing our family. I’m no expert, I’m no advocate of one method over another, I’m just sharing.

I’ve started talking about running more on this blog, mainly to build in some accountability. (If it’s public, maybe I won’t stop?)  I’ve run off and on since just after Seth was born. Any progress I made was promptly derailed by a Nora pregnancy, then a Jude pregnancy. I ran between babies but never really trained in a dedicated way. In the summer of 2013 I’ve started following actual training plans, and I’ve roped my husband into training with me. (Although he’s gone straight to half marathon training. Jerk.) I finished a Beginner 5K plan in September 2013 and will start a 10K training plan in October 2013. Eventually I’d like to go on to a half marathon!

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