I started running – the first time – after my first baby was born. I tried Couch to 5K, I got to about week 5, hated the rest of it, and just kept going with whatever felt right and made sense. That was in the fall of 2008. Some of my best moments were out in the early morning with the jogging stroller, taking my tiny boy with me (properly belted and protected in an infant carrier), as we slowly made our way through the neighborhood. I had another baby in 2010 and she joined me as a tiny baby, too. We’d have that early morning feeding when they didn’t want to go back to bed, I’d pop the baby in the stroller, and we’d go.

My third child was born Christmas Day 2012, and he didn’t follow that same schedule. He liked to go back to sleep. I was happy for him to go back to sleep, but it meant that I didn’t really get back into running until he was around 7 months old and didn’t need me at such weird hours of the night and morning. In July 2012, I started running again.

I run because I want to be healthy and I want to keep up with my kids and husband. I run because my head needs the clarity and my heart needs the peace. I run because I can be alone and I can listen to music I want and I don’t have to be responsible for anyone other than me (most of the time).

I run in Mizuno Wave Riders, for now. I’m a super supinator with high arches, and I roll outward like nobody’s business.

I run in Houston, which can be great in the winter but horrible in the summer.

I run slowly, alternating running with walking. I try to stay positive and okay with my pace (usually greater than 12 min/mile) but it can still hurt when it’s referred to as a walking pace.

I run listening to this Spotify playlist on “Shuffle Play” because I love the random surprises.

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