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A Dream is a wish … etc.

Pardon me, my four-year-old has been watching Cinderella over and over. Yes, the classic and iconic princess has claimed Nora’s #1 Princess spot, over the likes of Elsa, Sofia, etc. Rapunzel and Elsa are probably rounding out the top three, with Sofia making a strong push for third too.

This past weekend was the Disney World Princess Half Marathon weekend, full of such fun as the Glass Slipper Challenge (10K + Half Marathon), kids’ races, a fun 5K, and princesses everywhere. I would have loved to run this but … did I mention baby due in June? And not a good pregnant runner? Thought I might have.

Also this weekend came an announcement of a Disney race close to my heart: the inaugural Disneyland Paris half marathon in September 2016. The husband is French, see, and 2016 is our 10th anniversary year. I’d already talked about wanting to do the Tinkerbell Half (Disneyland in California) as my “We’re done having babies!” race in May 2016, and the Wine and Dine Half Marathon (Disney World in Florida) since it’s near our anniversary in November 2016. (And earn that coast-to-coast, because why not? It’s a big year.)  So if we added in a Disneyland Paris in September for an unofficial “around the Disney world” challenge … ah, it’d be so fun. And expensive. Let’s not forget expensive.

So dreams and wishes and et cetera … in honor of all the Disney racing fun, I thought I’d share some fun running costume boards I’ve put together. I started doing these for the Disney 10K in 2014, and it’s become a fun little hobby of mine. I’ve done some of the “main” princesses, but love to do characters less known or emulated.

First: a princess who always does her best. Sofia‘s sister Princess Amber.

A Princess Always Does Her Best


A Princess Always Does Her Best by dormousie featuring a short sleeve print shirt

Not feeling the princess vibe? How about Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates?

Pixie Dust, Away!


Pixie Dust, Away! by dormousie featuring NIKE

Oh, okay … in honor of the French run and my own teenage Disney obsession, here’s country Belle.

Très Belle!


Très Belle! by dormousie featuring a white apron

What are your running dreams for 2016? If the Disney plan doesn’t work out for me, I may have to look into the Texas Wine series

Stitch Fix #1 – Jumping that bandwagon

Yes, I jumped on the StitchFix bandwagon! After seeing a couple of people say they used StitchFix, I decided I needed help re-igniting my wardrobe. I’ve been in a six-year cycle of size ups and downs because of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and varying levels of activity, so I haven’t invested heavily in my wardrobe. Honestly, my maternity wardrobe was better than my standard wardrobe, especially this last time around. Loaned clothes and consignment shops were wonderful things.

So I signed up for StitchFix. Monthly stylist, mailed to your house, send back what you don’t like in a postage-paid envelope. Since my next fix is due this week, I thought I was probably overdue for the blog report on the first fix!

My style profile falls somewhere between classic and preppy, occasional touches of romantic and possibly tame boho, but don’t you dare go glam on me. I have plenty of t-shirts and casual wear, so I really wanted to focus on things I could wear to work that might also make me look less casual on the weekends.

Unlike lots of StitchFix blog reviews with cute pictures and stylish shots, you get quickie shots with the iPhone because I needed to pack it all up and send it back. Well, not all of it.

One thing I forgot to mention or didn’t think of mentioning: I hate a lot of colorblock. It’s too severe on me. I’m a lumpy curvy girl and straight colorblock lines don’t always work. So I hated this shirt. Another thing I forgot to mention: skinny pants on a short, curvy, lumpy girl don’t always work either. They were too long, too clingy, and didn’t help in a Stacy and Clinton sort of way. The necklace in this picture is my third item, and it was just boring to me. I can do boring. I need color and fun in accessories. So 3 out of 5, back to sender.

SF1: Colorblock Shirt

Item 4, this striped shirt with a metal bib. I actually loved this shirt. The fabric was wonderful, it felt good, and it even managed to cling and not cling appropriately. What I didn’t like: the metal bib. Hated it, actually. I tried to be open-minded and obviously failed. I reluctantly bundled that one back too.

SF1: Metal Bib Striped Shirt

Item 5: the Pomelo tie-front polka dot shirt. Finally! This was exactly along the lines of what I wanted from SF: a little whimsical and fun, more effort than a t-shirt but still casual, but something I could wear to work on a summer day or with a black skirt and be happy. Keeper! But not with those skinny pants.

SF1: Pomelo Polka Dot Tie-Front Shirt

As a matter of fact, I wore that polka dot shirt the next weekend in a family picture. I love it. Ignore my children glaring off into the distance. We did get some better shots of them.


I like the process, I like the feedback opportunities, and I definitely like getting more ideas than my usual Target run or the Pinterest Impossibles. Hopefully this month’s fix will be a little more on target …

(Yes, I also have a referral link that gives me credit if you sign up through it. Use it if you like!)

Thanks for noticing me

ACK! How could I forget the idea of an Eeyore running costume?! Good call, Kate.

Considering I’ve had Eeyore everywhere for two decades or more, that we called Nora “Eeyore Eleanor” when she was tiny because of how she sounded when she cried sometimes, that he’s my favorite colors … oh, good grief.

“Thanks for noticing me.”

Eeyore - Running after his tail?
Eeyore – Running after his tail? by dormousie 

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Running Costume: Mrs. Potts?!

Over on Facebook, my friend Adelle said that I couldn’t just cop out and run the WDW 10K as a princess because that was just too easy. She suggested Mrs. Potatohead … I don’t think so. I’m not running 6 miles in a sweaty brown bag, tyvm.

I did decide I’d come up with some non-princess costume options. If Nora does end up picking one, she’ll probably pick the glitziest fairy or princess, so I need to moderate that a bit!

So here you go … I present my first real Polyvore running costume: Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast. (Don’t laugh too much at my PV skills, please!) Yes, the round little teapot who hops all over the castle, trying to take care of everyone. I thought it could be appropriate! (Although I may actually be more like Cogsworth in the losing my mind aspect … ) And these are my actual running shoes!

Mrs. Potts Running Costume
Mrs. Potts Running Costume by dormousie featuring pink aviator sunglasses

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