Birthday weekend!

I know someone who had a birthday this weekend …


Could it be … NORA?


Yes, our spunky and feisty little girl turned four this weekend. We celebrated with Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Nelson, a whole bunch of Sofia the First decorations (Mommy may love Sofia just as much as Nora), and a Cinderella cupcake “cake.”


Okay, maybe you have to squint a bit to see it, but it’s a Cinderella dress made out of cupcakes. I’m telling you, you haven’t truly lived until you’re pawing at your smartphone with buttercream-crusted fingers to find out exactly which shades of blue you need for Cindy’s dress. And kudos to my mom for taking the time to put the little pearls on as decoration! I pointed out that she’d made a “Hidden Mickey”, which was entirely by chance. :)


Happy birthday, sweet girl! You are full of imagination, dreams, and drama. You might just be the funniest person I know, too.


So it begins!

Half marathon training has officially begun!

I saw so many of my bunny friends out this morning, so it felt like a good start to the plan.

This may sound silly, but a simple change for summer running has made a big difference: tank tops. I didn’t think that removing sleeve would make such a huge difference in body temperature, but it’s been night and day. Feeling a breeze (such as it is) on my shoulders has been a great change to my running quality of life!



This morning was a gorgeous sunrise. I’m trying to be appreciative while I’m out running, taking the time to think about what’s good about the day and run itself instead of just wanting to stop breathing or go home.

I’m looking for the race I’ll use to complete the training in mid-October … right at my birthday!

July Goals (Running-wise)

Like I said yesterday, I’m starting a training plan this week. It’s a half marathon plan that will culminate with a race weekend in mid-October. (Now I need to find the race!)

So for July my running goals are simple:


As always, the goal is simple but achieving it is not. I chose this early morning bunny picture because a) the bunnies around here are like my running totems and b) getting up early is HARD for me. I am not a morning person and I love my sleep.

Adjustments have to be made to reach goals if they’re any sort of stretch goals at all. So I’ll work on adjusting.

Three days a week of running, here I come! Deliberate strength/cross-training, that too!

I’m almost looking forward to it.

Relaxed and happy

We had a fabulous Independence Day weekend. My sister and her fiancĂ© came to visit for a few days, and it was awesome. We went dress shopping for her wedding dress, shopped our hearts out at the local outlet mall, and had fun at the kids’ swim lessons. Yesterday we spent the morning at the beach and then came home to smoke ribs (Will did, anyway) and celebrate the day. Such a great relaxing weekend!




This next week is the start of a new, official training season for me! I signed up for the Another Mother Runner 13.FUN challenge/training plan. I’m doing the run/walk option because the last thing I want is to get injured and/or lose more motivation. I’m excited to see how it goes!