I obviously lost some steam in posting after Jude was born! I’m hoping to remedy that, but we’re still on a schedule of eating every two to three hours and very little sleep. I’m so grateful that my husband has had a slower couple of weeks and that my mom lives with us. It’s made this transition period easier!

Speaking of eating every two to three hours, I just had to share this. Jude is my biggest baby, weighing almost nine pounds at birth and nine and a half pounds two weeks later. He lost about 8 ounces before we were discharged – very normal – and was back up over his birth weight a week later. The boy loves to nurse, is what I’m saying. He loves his milk, and although we are working on some latch issues that have made it very uncomfortable at times, I love nursing him just like I loved nursing Seth and Nora.

The other night I was sitting on the couch next to Will, who was holding Jude. It was around the time for Jude to get hungry again. Jude starts to wake up, then starts squirming his way down Will’s stomach and over his arm. We were laughing and then realized what Jude was doing … He was getting himself over to me and the milk source!


You can see the edge of my leg in some of the pictures. The determined little guy got his milk, of course. I’m sure there are many who will say it was just coincidence, but I prefer to think it’s the powerful attraction of mommy milk. 🙂