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Quest for milk

I obviously lost some steam in posting after Jude was born! I’m hoping to remedy that, but we’re still on a schedule of eating every two to three hours and very little sleep. I’m so grateful that my husband has had a slower couple of weeks and that my mom lives with us. It’s made this transition period easier!

Speaking of eating every two to three hours, I just had to share this. Jude is my biggest baby, weighing almost nine pounds at birth and nine and a half pounds two weeks later. He lost about 8 ounces before we were discharged – very normal – and was back up over his birth weight a week later. The boy loves to nurse, is what I’m saying. He loves his milk, and although we are working on some latch issues that have made it very uncomfortable at times, I love nursing him just like I loved nursing Seth and Nora.

The other night I was sitting on the couch next to Will, who was holding Jude. It was around the time for Jude to get hungry again. Jude starts to wake up, then starts squirming his way down Will’s stomach and over his arm. We were laughing and then realized what Jude was doing … He was getting himself over to me and the milk source!


You can see the edge of my leg in some of the pictures. The determined little guy got his milk, of course. I’m sure there are many who will say it was just coincidence, but I prefer to think it’s the powerful attraction of mommy milk. 🙂

So many things to remember

It’s been almost two and a half years since my last ride on the newborn train. There are so many things to remember …

… How long do they nurse on each side? What was that technique for getting them to open their mouths bigger for a deeper latch?

… Baby acne … Is it normal to start this early? How long will it take to run its course?

… Did it work out better for us to change before a feeding or after? Did it really depend on the baby? Did Seth or Nora do this well with the peeing and pooping?

… Baby fingernails are like tiny razors. I think we file, not cut … But that booklet says to trim. Which one was right? What did we do with Seth and Nora?

… Did I feel this guilty sending Nora to the nursery for a quick nap for mommy and daddy on the last night in the hospital? Did I send Seth at all?

… It seemed so much longer to stay in the hospital with Seth. Is it just the difference between a spontaneous 7am birth and an induced 3pm birth, or is it because we’re not so totally overwhelmed?

… Jude is bigger than Seth and Nora were at birth, but he still seems so tiny. Were they really that small? How can they be so big now?

… Jude smells just like my other newborns, even though he’s already such a different baby. Why can’t we take smell pictures so I can keep this forever?

… Those perfect little feet, never having touched the ground. Skin that’s so soft and will never be this way again. Utter perfection, even with baby acne.

… Quiet moments stolen in the middle of the night when he’s still just mine, even though he’s on the outside now.

… Those hormonal surges that come the thirdish day that make you cry at the sight of a pizza box.

… The absolutely rank smells that a newborn baby can put out when he passes gas.

… The delight and amazing feel of a newborn tucked up into your chest, resting on your shoulder.

So many, many things to remember.


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