Yesterday I had a “goofy” idea for Thanksgiving day. Will and I had talked about doing a Turkey Trot locally but never signed up for one. We wanted to do a 10K, but the local 10Ks say to not bring jogging strollers. I was kind of bummed about that because I started running (five years ago) with the Jingle Bell Run as my first race. It was a 5K, though, so I can understand a more competitive 10K not wanting to have a clogged course.


I asked Will if he’d do a 10K with me as a virtual Turkey Trot on Thursday morning! It’s a little goofy to get up on a day you don’t have to get up so you can go run 6 miles. It’s goofy to drag your husband and possibly the kids along with you, right? Well, he’s also goofy and that’s why I love him.

But here’s the better part:

We’re going to run our virtual 10K as a fundraiser for Homes For Our Troops! They’re the charity I’m running for in January at Disney, and they’re about to kick off Twelve Days of Homes in December. They’ll turn over the keys to new, adapted house to 12 of the veterans they’ve been working with!

So what do you say? Before you dig into Turkey, “sponsor” my Turkey Trot with a $5 or $10 pledge to Homes For Our Troops?

Also: I’m no longer in the top 10 for fundraising. Can’t have that, you guys! (I may be just a little bit competitive.)

Also the second … a while ago, the kids were watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse the other day (one of Jude’s new favorites!) and dancing around to the “Hot Dog” song. Full disclosure: I was dancing to the “Hot Dog” song too. I particularly like the Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse moves.


I saw Goofy being – well – goofy, and I had to make another running costume. Don’t worry! I’m still going to be Sofia the First at the WDW 10K in January! I just had to make this one.

Feeling Goofy

Feeling Goofy by dormousie featuring sparkly headbands