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Off to work we go …

Ah, yes. After 16 days of government shutdown, we got calls last night informing us to check communications and head back to work in the morning. I actually would have appreciated getting that phone call this morning instead of 11:30 last night when I’d finally managed to sleep, but whatever!

It was … interesting … to be back at work today. I really don’t remember a lot of what we had planned. During my orderly shutdown on October 1, I took notes on things I thought I’d need to remember. Hmm. Well, we’ll just have to see if I even remember WHY those were important. I have a feeling things will start to gel a little more on Monday after we’ve all had a chance to sweep out the cobwebs.

By the way — I never did run out of things to do or get bored while I was furloughed. I felt like I was finally able to focus on what I really wanted to do at home and with my family instead of having fractured attention. I didn’t make it all the way through my to-do list, but I sure got a lot done!

So in the meantime, when I’m not at work or when I have a break, I let my mind wander back to more fun things … like Halloween art or making up running costumes for Disney races. I know it’s silly but I just can’t help it.

Sofia in First?
Sofia in First? by dormousie

I think Nora would be quite impressed by this one.

Or how about this one? I loved Beauty and the Beast. It came out when I was in high school (dating myself!) and I was almost obsessed with it.

Très Belle!
Très Belle! by dormousie 

Much more appealing than “real” work!

I’m still raising money for Homes For Our Troops and the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 10k! Tomorrow I’m going to kick off the voting for the Disney character I’ll use for inspiration for my REAL running costume. Everyone gets a vote, but my donors get MORE votes! Stay tuned … or even better, donate now!

Furlough Fun & a WDW 10K Update

Well, it’s been one week of furlough “fun.” I’ve been working through my to-do list in between enjoying time with my kids and husband. I’m trying to NOT worry about the lack of a paycheck, but it’s kind of hard! I have enjoyed being able to cook dinner for the family and take care of things that normally just bug me.  I’ve asked Will to teach me to paint so I can tackle some painting projects instead of always asking him to do it. We’ll see how that goes …

Meanwhile, I’ve started a different training plan for the WDW Marathon Weekend 10K! The other one was a bit too challenging for me and my newly returned to running state. This one is an easier ramp-up, and it comes with reminders to take time for yoga on the non-running days. I need the stretching – particularly in my left hip, calf, and ankle – and I need the peaceful mind.

Update for the Homes For Our Troops fundraising! I have passed my $500 goal!!! Big thanks to my sister, who pushed me over the $500 mark, and everyone else who has donated so far. I’m going to spend some furlough time writing out real thank you notes to my supporters.

Now the challenge is to get to $750, when we let Nora choose the final costume! I’m going to keep the voting challenge open until my birthday – October 22 – and then my donors get to vote on which character I’ll represent. To give another idea of what that could look like, here’s an Alice vs. Cheshire Cat mock-up .

Here’s info on how you can earn votes and support Homes For Our Troops!

Alice or Cat?
Alice or Cat? by dormousie featuring blue pearl jewelry

What to Do, What to Do …

October 1 – the beginning of a new fiscal year and new possibilities for federal employees.

Or, you know, an opportunity to go without a paycheck until Congress comes together and finds a solution for funding federal agencies.

So since I can’t go to work tomorrow (and for who knows how long after that), I need a list of things I’ve been meaning to do. Hopefully most of them don’t require money …

  1. Take comforters to the dry cleaner
  2. Paint the kids’ bathroom
  3. Start painting the living room, entry way, and hallway
  4. Unpack and sort box stuff in dining room
  5. Same for the office
  6. Oh wait, for our bedroom too
  7. Find or buy those little thingies that hold wire shelving units together
  8. Move desk from playroom to bedroom … I think it’ll become a craft table for ME
  9. Sand and paint the dresser in our room
  10. Go crazy painting Jude’s room with wall decoration. Why not? I’ve got time.
  11. Knit or crochet to my heart’s content and the aching of my hands.
  12. School pick-ups and drop-offs — hurray!
  13. I guess I should clean the house.
  14. And make dinners.
  15. Break out the sewing machine and learn to quilt?
  16. Run at a time other than 5:30 or 6 am
  17. Yoga. I need some meditation and relaxation.
  18. Bible study. Did it really take me this long in the list to think of it? Maybe I should move that up …
  19. Put (temporary) purple streaks in my hair
  20. Use up all the craft supplies I have stashed in a bin in the office
  21. Teach Seth to tie his shoes
  22. Teach Nora to put on mascara
  23. Teach Jude to sign “Feed Me”
  24. Get pumpkins to decorate
  25. Decorate pumpkins
  26. Run a race
  27. Thank you notes for my Homes For Our Troops WDW 10K supporters!


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