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Move it, Move it!

Google Photos has a new (to me) feature that will auto-enhance some of the pictures you upload if the software detects certain characteristics. One of the enhancements is animated GIFs … these are some of the ones that completely cracked me up!

At the pumpkin patch with Joodles.
DSC_0236-MOTION (1)

DSC_0420-MOTION (1)
Christmas Eve pictures always go well, don’t they?

DSC_0433-MOTION (1)

As do family pictures!

DSC_8646-MOTION (1) Uncle Caleb with all the cousins – I think we can use this for a “Marry my brother-in-law” picture!DSC_8655-MOTION (1)Doctor Fairy Princess Mommy Nora


The girl’s personality clearly lends itself to animated GIFs!
Western Nora Style 4-MOTION

Pink Taste is my favorite!

In the car, picking up Nora’s antibiotic from the pharmacy:

Nora: Oh, it’s pink! I love that taste!

Seth: But you don’t know, you’ve never tasted it.

N: Yes, I do. It’s my favorite taste!

S: But you don’t know!

N: Yes I do! I love it!

S: But how can you know?

N: Because its pink and it has pink taste. That’s my favorite taste!