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Wait – who are you?

I know I have an “About me” link up there in the header, but I just realized that maybe, just maybe …

I should pause …

Re-introduce myself …

Give a little context …

That sort of thing. Especially for Holidailies and people who may not know me and why I’m all “Babies! Running! Blah!” all the time.

You’ve already gathered, I think, that I’m Erin.

I have three kids. (You probably have guessed this. For one thing, the category navigation on the right is a dead giveaway.)

I don’t work at home.

I run (slowly) because I want to be healthy. I take ridiculous pictures after the runs because I’m in a contest with my husband to have the worst post-run picture. It was a lot easier to win in August.

I post these pictures online because I want different images of fitness on the internet and in my kids’ lives.

When it was just me and my cats, I’d blog all the time. Now I typically write in December of most years, when my brother reminds me of Holidailies.

(He’s not my brother by blood, but by that feeling of “Oh! I’ve found you!” when life randomly connects you to a brain and heart so similar yet different that you know you must need each other.)

And I love Holidailies. I love it for the sense of family reunion, of so many familiar faces coming back together after 15ish years of writing online, joining together, and maybe going separate ways.

So there you go — context. Maybe?

Also: I hate chevrons. I hate them so much as a design motif that I thought about buying the domain name “ihatechevrons.com.” I may also be a grumpy old man.

Back to the beginning

The last time I touched anything to update this site, I was 23 weeks pregnant with my second baby. That was in March, and I didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl. Nora was born in July, and she’s five months old today. To say that I’m a little rusty on the whole blogging thing, that would be a major understatement.

Thirteen years ago, when I started any sort of writing online, I kind of floated around in various places and screen names before settling into who I’ve been ever since: Dormousie, since the user name Dormouse was taken everywhere else I looked. I love Lewis Carroll and Alice, you see, and I have always loved that silly dozy dormouse who sleeps in a teapot and tells stories about three sisters living in a well.

“What kind of a well?”
“It was a treacle well.”

I liked treacle because it was sickeningly sweet and I was so sick and tired of all the nasty, bitter things I read online all the time. Also, I was 20 and melodramatic.

I still like treacle because it’s sweet. I’m still kind of melodramatic. I’m definitely not 20, and the past 13 years have been really, really good to me. I’ll tell you more of that later, since I’m starting this up for Holidailies and I’ve got no theme or plan, and I’m not a mom-food-game-tv-hobby-craft-book-blogger.

I’m Erin, and I ended up in a lot of places I never expected. I just put my second baby in her bed and need to go check on the first so I can go sleep next to my husband while our cats weigh like anchors on our feet and the dog “protects” the rest of the house. Nice to see you again. 🙂

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