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And the winner is …

This was CLOSE!

It came down to 5 votes, and I double-checked weighting of donor votes.

The dalmatians and cats were distracted and never left the starting line.

Alice and Belle must be lost in a library somewhere after garnering their 4 and 5 votes.

Eeyore moseyed after his tail and found 21 votes instead – a surprisingly good showing for my favorite mopey little guy!

The winner, though, was her royal highness Princess Sofia the First!

Nora is going to be SO excited. I am going to start looking around for various costume elements in the spirit of what’s in this image … and talking with Lesley about the tutu for my race!

The voting may be over, but you can still donate! You may want to consider one of my teammates, too … let me know if you’d like more info!

Sofia in First?
Sofia in First? by dormousie featuring pave jewelry

One more day of voting!

Thanks for noticing me

ACK! How could I forget the idea of an Eeyore running costume?! Good call, Kate.

Considering I’ve had Eeyore everywhere for two decades or more, that we called Nora “Eeyore Eleanor” when she was tiny because of how she sounded when she cried sometimes, that he’s my favorite colors … oh, good grief.

“Thanks for noticing me.”

Eeyore - Running after his tail?
Eeyore – Running after his tail? by dormousie 

Don’t forget to vote! If you need to change your vote, let me know!

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Anyone can vote, but donors supporting me in the HFOT team at WDW 10K get more votes!