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End of the Rope

Signs You May Be at the End of Your Pregnancy Rope
by Erin

You see this quote from Ina May Gaskin: “Squat 300 times a day, you’re going to give birth quickly.” You start seriously considering 300 squats a day as something normal and easy to work into your daily schedule at 37.5 weeks pregnant.

You watch a cute but not overwhelmingly life-changing, life-affirming, or original movie with David Tennant and a cute chick from Scotland, and you cry into a pillow because it was just so sweet and why can’t more people find love on a remote Scottish island?

The kids have a typical day of being sweet, being, horrid, and being totally obstinate, and you go to your room, shut the door. Go to the bathroom, shut the door. Go into the walk-in close, and shut the door. Then you finally start to feel like you may have a bit of quiet, and you start to cry for no reason.

The walk-in closet becomes your favorite place in the house because it puts three doors between you and anyone else.

You consider throwing away every single toy in the house just so you don’t have to hear “Take TURNS, Seth!” or “NO, NORA! That’s MINE!!” ever again. And it’s not just an idle thought … you start looking for boxes.

You wash all the cloth diapers that are bigger than newborn size and realize the elastic is shot in almost every single one … and wonder how you’re going to fix them all in the month before the baby is likely to start using them.

You try to tell the kids to do something, and can only get out the words that give the exact OPPOSITE message of what you’re trying to say.

You tell your husband about something sprained, and get really frustrated because you can’t seem to form the words you’re really trying to say: “sprayed with stain remover.”

You try to go to bed and rest, and give up because it just isn’t comfortable at all.

You cry for any and all of these reasons, and then for no reason at all.

38 weeks on Wednesday. We can do this, kid. We can make it to the end. This is the best and the worst part of pregnancy … so near, so far, so much guessing and anticipation and STRESS. Is it, isn’t it? Now? Not now. Deep, cleansing yoga breaths … or something like that.

Random round-up

It’s been a random sort of day. Most of my regular meetings were cancelled or shortened because of the pre-holiday wind-down at work. I decided it’d be a good day for dropping off the kids at preschool myself instead of them going with my mom. (She teaches there.) The kids, in turn, decided they should each bring a puppy toy to school. No, I have no idea why either.

This December (all four days of it) has been one of the warmest on record. Totally unfair, in my opinion. If I’m going to have a “winter” baby, I want some winter for this last overheated part of pregnancy. Rude.

So I wore a skirt today and sandals, hoping to stay cool. It’s been in the 80s and sunshiny all week, so I felt proud of myself for planning ahead. (You see where this is going, right?) Mid-morning, the sprinkles start. Then the downpour. Then the spotty clouds, then the “large thunderstorm system” spends the rest of the day hanging out, making it dark and cool, making my shoes squish because of course I need to go out in it. I do appreciate the cooler weather, though.

Granite countertops today! My husband sent a picture that’s in decent lighting, and I think they’ll be great. Yes, I decided from a sample. I haven’t seen them in person yet (reference “large thunderstorm system” above), so I do have a small fear that our kitchen will look like an ice cream parlor. Oh well. Worse things could happen, right?

Our daughter (2) has taken to daily rearranging the nativity scene. Today’s arrangement makes it look like the shepherds and animals are either on guard for the holy family or baby Jesus has stinky pants. I’m not sure which one Nora was more likely to have in mind …


It’s that time of year …

It’s December, it’s the only time I think about updating my blog and actually show up at the computer to do it … it must be time for Holidailies again! (And I’m already a day late.)

The last time I did Holidailies, our family was a man, a woman, a preschool boy, a baby girl, two cats, and a dog. Now our family has one less cat (worthy of discussion another time), a pre-kindergartner, a preschool girl, a baby on the way, and we still have the dog. The new baby is due in about 24 days, so that’s just crazy to think about. It also means this Holidailies could be very exciting and/or completely interrupted! We also just sold a house, we’re building a house that should be done next month, and we’re trying not to add anything else to make us even more crazy.

We’re in Houston, so there will likely be no pictures of snow-bedecked houses at this journal. In fact, it’s 84 degrees right now and I’m having hot flashes. I thought that having a baby in December would be better than in July or August, but right now it feels mostly the same … except the air conditioner isn’t kicking on quite often enough.

And if you’ll excuse me, I must go convince my daughter that’s not a picture of a semi truck off in the distance behind Mary and Joseph in her Christmas story book.

And this is why I wear make-up

Today marks 30 weeks of pregnancy with baby #3. Baby Lamb* and I are doing great, but I’m definitely in the third trimester Fatigue Zone.

I’ve often thought about doing a post about how my morning make-up routine (typical of many women) may seem silly but makes a huge difference in how I look and feel. Today, after tossing and turning all night, was a prime example of the difference it can make!

Top-left: Just foundation and looking exhausted. Top-right: Now with blush and eyeliner, looking a little more awake. Bottom left: now we have mascara and I’ve perked up. Bottom right: As good as it gets – dash of lipstick and a quick brush of face powder to set it all.


I’m not a make-up artist by any stretch, nor do I claim to do it well. But seriously: look at the difference between no make-up (top left) and the finished face (bottom right).

And that, my friends, is why the 15 minutes of make-up time is worth it for me! It saves a whole lot of time that would otherwise be spent all day explaining that I’m not actually sick.


(My disguise kit …)

* Since we have “surprise” babies (don’t find out boy/girl until the birth), they all get nicknames until they’re born. 🙂

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