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Rid the world of …?

Challenge Day 4 asks what I would rid the world of, if I could do just one thing. Let’s assume I’m not taking a cop-out of “sin” or “Evil” or “mosquitoes” because really, that’s not something that could actually happen.

If I were going to devote my time and energy to trying to rid the world of one thing, it’d be hunger. I think so many of our societal problems boil down to not having enough, and the most basic thing a lot of people don’t have enough of is food.

You can generally find shelter or find a place to live, but a lot of the time it’s at the expense of food. When you don’t have food – or you don’t have good, nutritious food, or you don’t have enough food – your health suffers. Your ability to learn and grow suffers when you don’t have a healthy diet. Your outlook on life changes when you are worried about where any of your meals will come from.

So: hunger. Remember your community food pantries or food banks in the summers as well as the winters. I don’t always remember food drives because of hauling food in to work or preschool or wherever is collecting, but I try to periodically buy the pre-packaged groceries for food banks at our local grocery stores. Every bit can help!

PS – the inverse of this question (what would I like MORE of in the world) would be literacy. With full bellies and brains, I think the world would be in a better way.

Goals for July

Challenge for Day 1! (On the evening of Day 3. Oops.)

Goals for the month:

  1. Start running/exercising again. The humidity was low by Houston standards last night (45% instead of 90%) and Jude wouldn’t go down at his normal bedtime. I took out the single jogger, popped him in (still in his jammies), and went for a wog … also known as the walk/jog. I will never be a fast runner, and I probably won’t even be a good one, but I enjoy it more than I thought I would. We did 2 miles last night, and I’m really looking forward to doing it again. I just need to remember to add in other exercise and stretching (yoga!) … in all that free time I have.
  2. Put down the phone/iPad/etc. and focus on being in the moment with my family. Capturing every cute moment on Instagram doesn’t do me any good if I’m not participating in it. I love being connected and taking all my pictures and I love my stupid little games on the phone, but I love real people more.
  3. Pray more. Informally, as people come to my mind, I need to pray more for them.
  4. Remember that while my job may be our primary income, it is not my primary priority. Look for ways to support my husband and be present more for my kids.
  5. Have fun. I feel like I’ve been so stressed and tightly wound for at least the last year … I want to just ENJOY MYSELF!

That one wasn’t too bad …

So many things to remember

It’s been almost two and a half years since my last ride on the newborn train. There are so many things to remember …

… How long do they nurse on each side? What was that technique for getting them to open their mouths bigger for a deeper latch?

… Baby acne … Is it normal to start this early? How long will it take to run its course?

… Did it work out better for us to change before a feeding or after? Did it really depend on the baby? Did Seth or Nora do this well with the peeing and pooping?

… Baby fingernails are like tiny razors. I think we file, not cut … But that booklet says to trim. Which one was right? What did we do with Seth and Nora?

… Did I feel this guilty sending Nora to the nursery for a quick nap for mommy and daddy on the last night in the hospital? Did I send Seth at all?

… It seemed so much longer to stay in the hospital with Seth. Is it just the difference between a spontaneous 7am birth and an induced 3pm birth, or is it because we’re not so totally overwhelmed?

… Jude is bigger than Seth and Nora were at birth, but he still seems so tiny. Were they really that small? How can they be so big now?

… Jude smells just like my other newborns, even though he’s already such a different baby. Why can’t we take smell pictures so I can keep this forever?

… Those perfect little feet, never having touched the ground. Skin that’s so soft and will never be this way again. Utter perfection, even with baby acne.

… Quiet moments stolen in the middle of the night when he’s still just mine, even though he’s on the outside now.

… Those hormonal surges that come the thirdish day that make you cry at the sight of a pizza box.

… The absolutely rank smells that a newborn baby can put out when he passes gas.

… The delight and amazing feel of a newborn tucked up into your chest, resting on your shoulder.

So many, many things to remember.


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