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Progress Reports

I’m at the stage of pregnancy (i.e., the end) where you get to have weekly checkups. Woo hoo! Our house is at the stage where we are likely weeks from completion. Although I’m pretty sure the baby will arrive first, it’s neat to think they’re going to be born around the same time.

Baby update: minus 2, 50% effaced, barely 2cm. That’s a bit of code for those of you who don’t want all the gory details. I’ll be 37 weeks (out of 40ish) on Wednesday, and baby is measuring about a week ahead. I got the all clear to not be on antibiotics for labor and delivery, which is different from my previous two pregnancies! Hurray! So we shall see … today’s exam set off an afternoon and evening full of cramps and contractions. I wouldn’t be surprised if the baby came before Christmas. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if the baby waited until New Years. I’m just trying to not set expectations, can you tell?

House update: we have tile and light fixtures and sod! We also have cabinets inside and shrubbery out front. We didn’t get to choose our shrubs, and you better believe those poisonous oleanders are coming out as soon as we move in. I think the next stage is countertops in the kitchen and hardware (plumbing and otherwise) installed throughout. It’s a little insane how fast it’s coming together.


Aside: one of these days I will post as-is from the phone, with all of its stupidly non-helpful autocorrections.

Meeting Miss Nora

My guess date for our second baby – we didn’t know boy or girl –  was July 1, 2010. With our first baby, Seth, I had to be induced at 39 weeks because of severe asthma issues that were also leading to blood pressure issues for me. The Pitocin gave me piggy-backing contractions (one would start before the previous one fully ended) that were incredibly hard to deal with, so I had an epidural at 2 cm. They also gave me a shot of Stadol to help manage the discomfort, and in retrospect I can see just how groggy and “out of it” that made me feel.  I’ll be honest, my goal with Hypnobabies (HB) wasn’t necessarily to be completely medication-free, but rather to manage the process on my own until the point where the baby was born or I decided I’d had enough.

This can be a little TMI for some, so the rest is after the jump … 🙂


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