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Revise THAT Training Plan …

Back in the summer I started a half-marathon training plan with the women from Another Mother Runner. It’s the 13.FUN challenge, and I did the run/walk training plan. It was a great plan and a lot of fun. We had a private support / accountability group on Strava, and I really enjoyed having that network during the training plan.

In mid-September I did an 8-mile run that felt absolutely great … except for a tweaked left knee and hip. Not really a surprise to me since I’ve had multiple long-standing issues on my left side: torn ankle ligament, lateral release on my left knee, scar tissue/blood clot behind my kneecap (from a fall), piriformis syndrome, IT band syndrome … You get the picture. I took some time off from running and slowed down my training plan. “No biggie!”  I thought. “I’ll take a couple of weeks slowly and then get back to it.”

8 mile run for Gray

Well, by the time I got back to it in early October, I was starting to feel winded and slow. UGH. I hate that feeling, but attributed it to being off the plan a few weeks. I tried again. I went for a run on the National Mall in DC in October, which should be great compared to Houston. My same nice and flat, but with the bonus of cooler temperatures. Why, then, was I so much slower and struggling to breathe?

Somewhere around the end of October, I figured it out.

Newest Baby M - due June 2015
Newest Baby M – due June 2015

(This picture is almost 9 weeks after that, btw …)

Yes, that would be baby #4, quietly making his or her presence known when I tried to go for a run. Even at 6 weeks pregnant, my heart rate was climbing too fast and my breathing was too labored. My heart rate calms back down when walking, but I can’t shake the shortness of breath. I’ve tried to be a pregnant runner twice now (with Jude and now with this baby), and it just doesn’t work for me and my body. Whatever my body does to grow babies, it isn’t very compatible with still running.

So let’s just say that I’ve moved on to a new training plan … a nine-month walking and yoga strength and conditioning plan. I’ll follow that up next summer and fall with a “back to running” and eventual half marathon training plan. This could also be a great time to get focused on the healthier eating choices.

Well, once this morning sickness goes away. All bets are off until then.



Once again, the magic of Google Photo’s “Auto-Awesome” more accurately captures our Christmas card photo shoot than still images ever could.

For a more accurate representation, Nora’s pictures with the O were taken first. She didn’t get happy until she got the “N” for Nora.





Merry Christmas. 🙂

Summer Days, Summer Days

It’s been a busy month or two over at the Treacle Well, in part because we were planning a much-needed family vacation to Florida. (Thanks to Heather with Travel With the Magic for helping us with the Disney portion of our trip!)

We just got back, but of course have tons of pictures! With the magic again of Google’s Auto-Awesome feature, I have some favorite little animated GIFs from the hundreds of pictures I took.

Jude at the beach in Melbourne, FL
Jude at the beach in Melbourne, FL
Nora at the Beach in Melbourne, FL
Nora at the Beach in Melbourne, FL
Seth dancing with Cinderella at 1900 Park Fare
Seth dancing with Cinderella at 1900 Park Fare
A surprise entrance into the Rapunzel picture
A surprise entrance into the Rapunzel picture
My boys, hanging out at Hollywood & Vine (Hollywood Studios)
My boys, hanging out at Hollywood & Vine (Hollywood Studios)
Nora dances with her favorite princess, Sofia the First
Nora dances with her favorite princess, Sofia the First
My Sunshine Boy
My Sunshine Boy

Birthday weekend!

I know someone who had a birthday this weekend …


Could it be … NORA?


Yes, our spunky and feisty little girl turned four this weekend. We celebrated with Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Nelson, a whole bunch of Sofia the First decorations (Mommy may love Sofia just as much as Nora), and a Cinderella cupcake “cake.”


Okay, maybe you have to squint a bit to see it, but it’s a Cinderella dress made out of cupcakes. I’m telling you, you haven’t truly lived until you’re pawing at your smartphone with buttercream-crusted fingers to find out exactly which shades of blue you need for Cindy’s dress. And kudos to my mom for taking the time to put the little pearls on as decoration! I pointed out that she’d made a “Hidden Mickey”, which was entirely by chance. 🙂


Happy birthday, sweet girl! You are full of imagination, dreams, and drama. You might just be the funniest person I know, too.


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