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What to Do, What to Do …

October 1 – the beginning of a new fiscal year and new possibilities for federal employees.

Or, you know, an opportunity to go without a paycheck until Congress comes together and finds a solution for funding federal agencies.

So since I can’t go to work tomorrow (and for who knows how long after that), I need a list of things I’ve been meaning to do. Hopefully most of them don’t require money …

  1. Take comforters to the dry cleaner
  2. Paint the kids’ bathroom
  3. Start painting the living room, entry way, and hallway
  4. Unpack and sort box stuff in dining room
  5. Same for the office
  6. Oh wait, for our bedroom too
  7. Find or buy those little thingies that hold wire shelving units together
  8. Move desk from playroom to bedroom … I think it’ll become a craft table for ME
  9. Sand and paint the dresser in our room
  10. Go crazy painting Jude’s room with wall decoration. Why not? I’ve got time.
  11. Knit or crochet to my heart’s content and the aching of my hands.
  12. School pick-ups and drop-offs — hurray!
  13. I guess I should clean the house.
  14. And make dinners.
  15. Break out the sewing machine and learn to quilt?
  16. Run at a time other than 5:30 or 6 am
  17. Yoga. I need some meditation and relaxation.
  18. Bible study. Did it really take me this long in the list to think of it? Maybe I should move that up …
  19. Put (temporary) purple streaks in my hair
  20. Use up all the craft supplies I have stashed in a bin in the office
  21. Teach Seth to tie his shoes
  22. Teach Nora to put on mascara
  23. Teach Jude to sign “Feed Me”
  24. Get pumpkins to decorate
  25. Decorate pumpkins
  26. Run a race
  27. Thank you notes for my Homes For Our Troops WDW 10K supporters!


More Costume Ideas …

I’m home sick from church this morning, along with a sniffly Jude and a coughing Nora. Hurray for Fall allergies!

I’ve amused myself lately with the Polyvore iPhone app and website. I look for my favorite runDisney costume ideas, add them as items, and create a little collage of frivolous little ideas.

I’ll keep adding to them (as I get bored, especially), but here are the ones I’ve thrown together so far:


I already shared the Mrs. Potts idea, but I’ve also added Alice in Wonderland, Marie from Aristocats, and a Dalmatian-inspired costume. FYI – Nora is very fond of Mrs. Potts and Marie right now.

All I know is that my runDisney costume will have a tutu! I wanted to support another runner raising funds for a great organization, and she happens to be holding a Tutu Fundraiser until tomorrow. So you may see Sparkle Skirts, but I’m more likely to have some tulle bundled around my waist. Once a pretend ballerina, always a pretend ballerina.


The eleventh day (on this, the 22nd day of July) prompts: What’s the worst injury you’ve received?

It may have been the time I sliced open my hand in the 5th grade. I was slicing an apple with a very long knife (first mistake). It got stuck, so I picked it up to get the knife through (second, major mistake). The knife went through, all right, then went right into my hand. Ouch.

Then there was the time I got stung by a jellyfish and ended up in the ER with shots of demerol and benadryl. Woooo!

Once while I was in high school, I was walking out of my bathroom and trying to pull my hair out of my collar. I caught my elbow on the doorframe, didn’t realize it, and kept walking. Unfortunately, my elbow stayed with the door, pulled me back, and jacked up my shoulder. My orthopedist (who I had on speed dial by the time I was 21) said I was lucky I was so flexible or I’d have torn everything in my shoulder.

I went skiing once. I fell getting out of the bus and messed up the ligaments in my left knee … which had healed about six months earlier from a surgery to get rid of another injury’s effects. Orthopedist’s comment: “What made you, of all people, think you could go skiing?”

Or how about the time I was in three car accidents within six months and wrecked the same shoulder I’d hurt in high school.

Then I went and had three kids and I’m not even going to talk about that adventure.

Moral of the story: okay, so I don’t really have a moral to the story, but it surely can’t be a good sign when you’ve got an orthopedist on speed dial.


Day 10: Someone who inspires you

There are lots of people who inspire me, so I’m going to do a bulleted list. That way I won’t get overly mawkish (vocabulary word!), maudlin (seriously, vocabulary word from the 8th grade), or rambly.

  • My husband – he has dreams and plans, and he puts his family before everything else. I may not always see it, but I know it’s true and that reminds me to re-think my perceptions of a situation.
  • My parents – they’ve both done things that may have seemed impossible at one point or another in their lives. They both love their families and do whatever they can for them. I love the examples they’ve set for me (and each of my siblings).
  • Stay at home moms – ladies, it’s hard to do. As much as I wish I could do it, I don’t know how good I would actually be at staying home.
  • Moms who work outside the home – ladies, it’s hard out there. Having sisters in the trenches keeps me working and (mostly) from going insane.
  • Corrie Ten Boom, Tina Fey, Ellen Ochoa – women who’ve done awesome things and share wisdom, vision, and humor. (Varying degrees thereof.)
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