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Yoga for Two

I’ve talked a bit about my fitness plans for this pregnancy in my weekly updates, but thought it might be fun to talk a little more specifically. For each of my babies/pregnancies, I’ve really enjoyed finding other moms who’ve had similar experiences or tried things similar to what I’m interested in, so I can see how it went for them. Every pregnancy, woman, and baby is different, but there’s some sort of comfort in seeing what the sisterhood is up to while carrying a baby.

I mentioned before that I had hopes of running during this pregnancy. Unfortunately, my experience during Jude’s pregnancy turned out to not be a fluke. Starting around 8-10 weeks, my body simply can’t handle running anymore. My heart and breathing rates go up too high, too fast, and I’m gasping for air. My pace, if slowed down to a comfy heart rate, is essentially walking. Even that can put additional strain that I’m not comfortable with during pregnancy, especially given the asthma issues I developed while pregnant with Seth.

I decided to go back to yoga, something I’ve always enjoyed but don’t do enough of at any time. I need help with my strengthening in general. I would love some core and pelvic area stretches and strengthening. I also need some stress counteraction since I don’t have the running working for me right now!


Somehow this isn’t the stress release I thought it would be.

I’ve been a fan of Shiva Rea for a long time. I had her prenatal yoga dvd, so I tried it a few times. Honestly, I just get bored doing the same thing over and over. Prenatal classes are hard to find at times and locations that work for me. I didn’t feel confident enough modifying in a standard class, and I didn’t want to buy more DVDs. I did rent a couple on Amazon Instant Video and … Well, I wasn’t too impressed.


Most of my yoga DVDs came from Gaiam, so i decided to try their Roku/streaming channel. (I’m not doing referral links … This is just my opinion.) I must have done their free trial or some other sort of trial, because I know I wouldn’t pay $90 for a year subscription without testing it first. Because that’s exactly what I ended up doing.

There are two teachers I really like: Twee Merrigan and Mara Branscombe. I’ve tried multiple practices from them and have enjoyed all of them. Yes, there are some issues. At some point in every video, the narrator seems to forget whether she’s mirroring or saying the actual right/left in her instructions, and it gets confusing. That’s minor, though, compared to the general quality of these practices. The practices are varied lengths — 20/30 minutes or 40/60, which I appreciate. Lots of options! Lots of instructors, too.


This right here? That’s what I needed and was looking for. Gentle pushes, gentle strength, targeting the areas a pregnant body needs help with. Loved it big time today.

My hope is that doing yoga more regularly gets me into a “need it!” mindset after the baby arrives too. I could use it postpartum, of course, and they have options for postpartum yoga and Pilates, too. I also need to build it into my running routines so I’m a more well-rounded runner. I need the counterbalance to the tighter hips and legs, and the focus on the upper body.

I’m even going to get brave at some point soon and try a class. While pregnant. Not for pregnant ladies. Maybe next week.

Also? My Raw Threads shirts have been AWESOME yoga wear in this first half of the pregnancy. I just got a For Two Fitness yoga shirt from Zulily, so I’m loving that wardrobe option too. Now if I could just make yoga pants official work wear, I’d be totally set!

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 16 & 17


How far along? 17 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I’ve moved into the “can’t want it” (as Jude says) of food aversion. I don’t want anything with meat, I don’t want anything that will upset my stomach (tomatoes, onions, garlic), I pretty much just CAN’T WANT IT ANYTHING. So I’ve lost a couple of pounds. I also had a 12 hour stomach virus courtesy of the boys, which didn’t help anything.

Maternity clothes? I’m in that weird stage where I need the maternity pants, but I also need the belly bands to keep them up sometimes. It’s weird. And I’ll go on record as hating under-belly panels. Every kid I’ve had, they make me nauseous and seem to agitate the baby … lots of movement like “GET THIS OFF ME!”

Stretch marks? No new ones, but my old friends the ‘roids are back. #realmomsdopregnancy

Sleep: I cannot get enough of it. I’m super uncomfortable breathing-wise, which means I’ve been a forgetful goose and didn’t use my inhaler, and then that makes breathing at night and sleeping even worse.

Best moment this week: Probably after the 50+ minute yoga session. Or after the massage and the knots in my ribcage and shoulders finally started to release.

Movement: It’s definitely there! Starting to feel stronger and more definite like kicks instead of flutters. Still down very low.

Food cravings: Anything that won’t make me puke. Thai food – specifically, Pad kee mao or Drunken Noodles. I would kill for some good Tom Kha Gai right now too. Baby likes fish oil today.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Meat. Although the tofu in my drunken noodles wasn’t that fab either.

Have you started to show yet: Bumping it! Although people still don’t recognize the bump and it looks more like my gut is rounding out to catch up with my fabulous woman hips. 😉 Also, see the picture below? That mid-belly panel hits right above nice firm baby bump and the middle of squishy mommy belly. So attractive. (Also, carrying fussy toddler in the belly shot is what happens when you’re pregnant with #4!)


Gender prediction: Still think it’s a girl!

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On and loose.

Feeling all the Feels or Just Some of the Feels? I got nostalgic over early morning runs, y’all. What do you think about my emotional state?

Weekly Wisdom: I have worn more winter maternity clothes while due with my summer babies than my actual winter baby. Go figure! I was too hot for them by the time winter rolled around with my December baby.

Milestones: Had a great 16.5 week check-up this week. Baby’s heartbeat was nice and strong. We also got our Harmony test results back – this is the early blood test that does genetic screening with a higher degree of accuracy. It also checks sex of the baby, if you’re interested. Our baby is healthy and still a surprise! (You can also ask for the test results to not show boy/girl!)

Pregnancy Fitness: More pre-baby yoga! Mara Branscombe’s classes are growing on me. So are these squats!! Two more yoga practices this week, but no walking. It was cold and wet, and I’m a wimp.





Friday Five: What’s (Still) in My Gym Bag?

Oh, whoops … I totally missed a week there, didn’t?! I had a baby update all in my head to share and kept thinking that I just needed to take a picture. That never did happen, partly because Kid #3 was up all of Saturday night/Sunday morning with a stomach virus. Then I took one at work – in the bathroom, of course, because that’s the only full-length mirror I have access to. I hated that picture because it was IN A BATHROOM. Ugh. Then it’s Friday and I’m passing another week tomorrow, and well … why I don’t just combine and 16/17 week update on Monday, okay?

(Everything baby is peachy, btw.)

This week’s Friday Five theme is “What’s in your gym bag?”

I haven’t been to the gym for running, yoga, cross-training, or anything other than customer meetings since I got pregnant. See, I work in HR and we’re assigned to organizations to support and have regular meetings to hear what’s going on and what help they might want. My gym is at my workplace, one of my customer organizations runs the gym, so … ta da!

Since I hadn’t been in so long, I thought it’d be fun to see what’s STILL in my gym bag after four months of not using it.

Running Shoes

First up: the running shoes, of course. Adidas Supernova Boost, I think. Purple, for sure. You can see my ID tag from the local running store and the pod-holder for my Nike+ Sportswatch. I like these shoes a lot, but my favorites are still my Mizuno Wave Riders.

Spare Change

Ah yes: the collection of spare “change.” Spare shorts, socks, and underwear. Spare Bondi Band to keep bangs and hair off my face (running pet peeve). Spare Velcro roller and flat iron for the post-run-and-shower beautifying.

Nuun and Honey Stinger Chews

Nuun! I love you, Nuun. You’ve helped me even during pregnancy when it’s so hard to choke down regular water without vomiting. The Strawberry Lemonade is probably my favorite, although Grape + Tropical is pretty good, too … especially after a nasty Houston summer run when I need the double help. And some chews for fuel … love me some chews.

Plastic bags

The always important plastic bags! I keep the runDisney bag from last year’s WDW Marathon Weekend 10K in my gym bag. It’s great for putting either my work clothes (post-work run) or my sweaty running clothes (pre-work run) in until I get home and can throw them in the laundry. You never know when you’ll need a plastic bag.


And finally: my secret weapon. Wonderful for both runner mama’s occasional monkey butt and chafing (don’t lie, it happens to all of us) AND for the baby’s diaper rash. Best stuff ever. Except maybe coconut oil (for the same issues), but the Dr. Smith’s diaper rash ointment is more portable.

Now I’m all nostalgic … the prenatal yoga has been wonderful, but I can’t wait to go run again! On my drive home from work the other day I was getting all emotional looking at the sidewalks in our neighborhood and remembering how they look in sunrise runs. That, my friends, is what pregnancy hormones do to you!

Enjoy the Friday Five Link-up that’s hosted by Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney! It’s a great way to find more running blogs!