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Stitch Fix #1 – Jumping that bandwagon

Yes, I jumped on the StitchFix bandwagon! After seeing a couple of people say they used StitchFix, I decided I needed help re-igniting my wardrobe. I’ve been in a six-year cycle of size ups and downs because of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and varying levels of activity, so I haven’t invested heavily in my wardrobe. Honestly, my maternity wardrobe was better than my standard wardrobe, especially this last time around. Loaned clothes and consignment shops were wonderful things.

So I signed up for StitchFix. Monthly stylist, mailed to your house, send back what you don’t like in a postage-paid envelope. Since my next fix is due this week, I thought I was probably overdue for the blog report on the first fix!

My style profile falls somewhere between classic and preppy, occasional touches of romantic and possibly tame boho, but don’t you dare go glam on me. I have plenty of t-shirts and casual wear, so I really wanted to focus on things I could wear to work that might also make me look less casual on the weekends.

Unlike lots of StitchFix blog reviews with cute pictures and stylish shots, you get quickie shots with the iPhone because I needed to pack it all up and send it back. Well, not all of it.

One thing I forgot to mention or didn’t think of mentioning: I hate a lot of colorblock. It’s too severe on me. I’m a lumpy curvy girl and straight colorblock lines don’t always work. So I hated this shirt. Another thing I forgot to mention: skinny pants on a short, curvy, lumpy girl don’t always work either. They were too long, too clingy, and didn’t help in a Stacy and Clinton sort of way. The necklace in this picture is my third item, and it was just boring to me. I can do boring. I need color and fun in accessories. So 3 out of 5, back to sender.

SF1: Colorblock Shirt

Item 4, this striped shirt with a metal bib. I actually loved this shirt. The fabric was wonderful, it felt good, and it even managed to cling and not cling appropriately. What I didn’t like: the metal bib. Hated it, actually. I tried to be open-minded and obviously failed. I reluctantly bundled that one back too.

SF1: Metal Bib Striped Shirt

Item 5: the Pomelo tie-front polka dot shirt. Finally! This was exactly along the lines of what I wanted from SF: a little whimsical and fun, more effort than a t-shirt but still casual, but something I could wear to work on a summer day or with a black skirt and be happy. Keeper! But not with those skinny pants.

SF1: Pomelo Polka Dot Tie-Front Shirt

As a matter of fact, I wore that polka dot shirt the next weekend in a family picture. I love it. Ignore my children glaring off into the distance. We did get some better shots of them.


I like the process, I like the feedback opportunities, and I definitely like getting more ideas than my usual Target run or the Pinterest Impossibles. Hopefully this month’s fix will be a little more on target …

(Yes, I also have a referral link that gives me credit if you sign up through it. Use it if you like!)

My First WDW Marathon Weekend: Expo!

I came, I picked up, I shopped (sorry Will), and I got soaked.

Blurry picture of the huge vendor hall … it was great! I had a lot of fun browsing through the various booths and options. I may have had too much fun … I have a Raw Threads Minnie Mouse shirt to commemorate my first 10K, Yurbuds that I’ve been eyeing for a while, a visor from One More Mile that asks people to drag me across the finish line if they find me on the ground … oh, and some more sparkly hair ties from Bondi Bands. And a sparkle skirt. Oh well … at least I have my outfit for the Galveston Half next month!

20140110-025649.jpgThere was the requisite Minnie Mouse picture to get ready for the 10K the next day … Since Jude loves the Hot Dog dance so much (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), I had to try Minnie’s moves for my picture.
20140110-025710.jpgThen the heavens opened and the rain fell down. Seriously, it just started pouring like anything while we were in the Expo! The parking lot turned into a mud pit, leading us to joke that this was Disney’s first mud run. So I decided that we’d call it the Merida Challenge in honor of Disney’s own warrior/obstacle course/mud run. Ha.



The Expo was tons of fun, and I didn’t even hit every possible booth! Believe it or not, I restrained myself. Too many things, too little money. Or too much budget restraint, take your pick!

Christmas obsessions

Apparently motherhood has made me obsessive.

For the moment, at least, I’m not obsessing over grades and schools and boyfriends and girlfriends and classes.

No, I’m obsessing over pajamas.

Yes, pajamas.


2012 Christmas PJs & Letter to Santa
2012 Christmas PJs & Letter to Santa

As many families do, my kids get new Christmas pajamas every year. This year I found adorable snowman pajamas at Carter’s. I bought some for Nora, some for Jude, and … oh wait. Huh. The store didn’t have Seth’s size.

“No matter!” I thought. “I am Super Mom! This is October! I have plenty of time!”

I can’t find those blasted pajamas anywhere.

I resisted ordering them online because I didn’t want to pay as much in shipping as I would for the pajamas. Now they’re completely gone.

I diligently checked our store, but they never had the 5T size in stock when I went in.

I’ve checked online storefronts for every other retailer I can think of that sells these pajamas. I’ve checked retailers I’ve never even heard of before. I’ve even trawled through eBay, and still didn’t turn up these pajamas for Seth.

Obsessed, I tell you.

Now I’m worried about my sensitive, brilliant little man noticing that he has pajamas that don’t match (if I can even find any!) and having his feelings hurt.

I worry about just how closely they match.

I consider buying pajamas one size too small just to get him matchings PJs with his baby brother. (That was the whole freaking point, to match up with his baby brother and feel connected! ARGH.)


At least this year it’s not about whether the baby will be born before or after Christmas and whether I need “Baby’s First Christmas” stuff for a newborn. Ha ha, Jude showed me and was born on Christmas morning last year. Problem solved: two first Christmases,the birthday and the celebration day.

Now I just need a pajama solution.

(If you find them, please let me know!)

Thanks for noticing me

ACK! How could I forget the idea of an Eeyore running costume?! Good call, Kate.

Considering I’ve had Eeyore everywhere for two decades or more, that we called Nora “Eeyore Eleanor” when she was tiny because of how she sounded when she cried sometimes, that he’s my favorite colors … oh, good grief.

“Thanks for noticing me.”

Eeyore - Running after his tail?
Eeyore – Running after his tail? by dormousie 

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