Okay, peoples … it’s time to vote!

  • I’ve told you about my plans to run in costume at the Walt Disney World 10K in January 2014 …
  • So many friends and family members have supported me already in my fundraising efforts … (And you still can!)
  • You’ve seen me daydream about running costumes while I’ve been furloughed or just need a mental break …

Now it’s time to vote. I’m going to keep this poll up through October 22 — anyone know why that date is important to me? 😉 I put in the choices based on the costumes I’ve dreamed up, but I’m willing to take write-in votes. Have some inspiration in the gallery below or over here

Anyone can vote, but my donors get their votes multiplied. A $20 donation gets 2 vote … $30, 3 votes … $40, 4 votes, etc. So if you’re a donor, enter your name so I can calculate behind the scenes! And you know that your donation has helped build accessible homes for veterans who’ve been severely injured.

[yop_poll id=”2″]



I can’t wait to see the results! I’ve got a tutu order reserved with Lesley of Greater Fitness … which flavor tutu shall it be?!