I’m home sick from church this morning, along with a sniffly Jude and a coughing Nora. Hurray for Fall allergies!

I’ve amused myself lately with the Polyvore iPhone app and website. I look for my favorite runDisney costume ideas, add them as items, and create a little collage of frivolous little ideas.

I’ll keep adding to them (as I get bored, especially), but here are the ones I’ve thrown together so far:


I already shared the Mrs. Potts idea, but I’ve also added Alice in Wonderland, Marie from Aristocats, and a Dalmatian-inspired costume. FYI – Nora is very fond of Mrs. Potts and Marie right now.

All I know is that my runDisney costume will have a tutu! I wanted to support another runner raising funds for a great organization, and she happens to be holding a Tutu Fundraiser until tomorrow. So you may see Sparkle Skirts, but I’m more likely to have some tulle bundled around my waist. Once a pretend ballerina, always a pretend ballerina.