Day 10: Someone who inspires you

There are lots of people who inspire me, so I’m going to do a bulleted list. That way I won’t get overly mawkish (vocabulary word!), maudlin (seriously, vocabulary word from the 8th grade), or rambly.

  • My husband – he has dreams and plans, and he puts his family before everything else. I may not always see it, but I know it’s true and that reminds me to re-think my perceptions of a situation.
  • My parents – they’ve both done things that may have seemed impossible at one point or another in their lives. They both love their families and do whatever they can for them. I love the examples they’ve set for me (and each of my siblings).
  • Stay at home moms – ladies, it’s hard to do. As much as I wish I could do it, I don’t know how good I would actually be at staying home.
  • Moms who work outside the home – ladies, it’s hard out there. Having sisters in the trenches keeps me working and (mostly) from going insane.
  • Corrie Ten Boom, Tina Fey, Ellen Ochoa – women who’ve done awesome things and share wisdom, vision, and humor. (Varying degrees thereof.)