I usually decorate the Christmas tree with our hodgepodge of sentimental ornaments and decorative ribbon, trying to make every angle look lovely and put-together. I didn’t last year because i was decidedly lacking in holiday spirit. We got a four foot tree for the kids to decorate and let them have at it. We were leaving for France on Christmas day and i just couldn’t get into Christmas. This year the fancier attempts went out the window too.

We actually let the kids decorate the big tree and their little tree by themselves with the shatterproof and unbreakable ornaments. As the ornaments proved too fascinating for Nora, we moved them around the tree out of her reach. Eventually the novelty wore off, but there’s still a wide swath in the front of the tree that is empty. (The no-color zone front and center, below the bluish globe.)


They’ve also been creating things on their own to decorate the tree … snowflakes (with assistance from Grandmama), random pieces of art work, random pieces of ribbon, etc. It’s actually pretty cute.


Then you have these: one of my attempts to have sentimental ornaments on my kids’ future trees, too. I had seen these snowmen handprint ornaments all over Pinterest and wondered if they were really that easy. Unless I forgot some crucial steps, they really are!

I’m amazed at how tiny both of their hands still seem.