There … that takes care of the languages our family sort of speaks.

I think I last posted about a year ago, probably for Holidailes, because that’s the only time I remember to touch this blog. Holidailies has been a long-standing journaller/blogger tradition of pledging to update every day for a 30 day period during December and January. Well, this year it was not its usual self and I wasn’t my usual self for the holidays, so I skipped it.


I would like to start writing again! I see what my sister-in-law does and that my sweet friend Chrissy is going to blog again, and I think … hey, I should do that. I should keep my far-flung family and friends updated on what’s happening in life. (Other than pithy/witty/whiny Facebook updates and loads of pictures uploaded to the same.)

So, ta da! First post of the year. First attempt to return to the journalling/blogging world I entered in 1997.

Hi. 🙂