Half marathon training has officially begun!

I saw so many of my bunny friends out this morning, so it felt like a good start to the plan.

This may sound silly, but a simple change for summer running has made a big difference: tank tops. I didn’t think that removing sleeve would make such a huge difference in body temperature, but it’s been night and day. Feeling a breeze (such as it is) on my shoulders has been a great change to my running quality of life!



This morning was a gorgeous sunrise. I’m trying to be appreciative while I’m out running, taking the time to think about what’s good about the day and run itself instead of just wanting to stop breathing or go home.

I’m looking for the race I’ll use to complete the training in mid-October … right at my birthday!

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  1. Awesome, Erin! I got a free tank top with my running skirt (which I’m not wearing for some reason…I wish I’d bought a size smaller!) The tank top makes such a huge difference! I’m converted!

    Your half marathon is so exciting! I’m still trying to pick a 5K for fall. I think maybe the colour run…

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