Enough Stalling!

It’s been a year since I published something … Anything. I’ve thought of various posts and thoughts to share and never got around to it. But here I am today, tapping away on my phone. Why?

I need some accountability. 

I started blogging again while reading awesome running blogs to keep me inspired to start training again. Then I got pregnant with Adam and then I had four kids and life was chaotic. Then I had an ankle injury and then it was summer … You get the idea. Every excuse under the sun. Some valid, some weak. 

This week I started another training plan. It’s actually my second attempt to complete Train Like a Mother‘s Heart Rate 101 plan. Earlier this summer I started the plan, did great for 8 weeks, then bombed it as temperatures climbed. I’m hoping this second attempt is even better – and the program is only 8 weeks now, so hurray!

It’s slow. I mean, slower even than my post-baby, post-injury pace. A heart rate cap of 140 for most runs means I am slogging. Especially when you add on temperatures and asthma meds. But the changes are worth it. 

So yeah … accountability. And doing the plan. Last time I skipped some of the strength circuits (okay, most of them) and never did the resistance loop training.This week   I’ve done them! Next week … I’m going to try!

We’ll see where I end up in 8 weeks. 

Sunday mornings 

The nights are long with a little tiny who wakes up every 2, 3, or 4 hours. 

Getting four kids and two adults to church on Sundays can be a struggle. 

But these moments in the church foyer … listening to a sermon mixed with the tiny’s ocean white noise, him all snuggled to me, asleep in his baby wrap …

These are the sweetest Sunday mornings. 


Return of the red face!

She’s baaack ….


Yes, that’s right – it’s return of the Red-Faced Girl! Adam will be eight weeks old on Monday. (WHAT?!) I had my six-week post partum checkup last week and was cleared for exercise, so I’ve been easing back in … yoga and an occasional, purposeful walk to test the waters.


So here are my fitness plans (such as they are):

  • Ballet class weekly – YES! I’m going back to the Tiny Erin dreams and taking a ballet class. If I’m going to pay for fitness instruction, it might as well be something I actually like! Two classes in, and I love it. It’s so hard to get out of my mental games, but I’ll get into that another time. I think it’ll be great for strengthening my feet, ankles, and legs.
  • Yoga at least weekly – four babies have done a serious number on my core. I’ve halfheartedly worked core before because … more babies. Why bother until I knew we were done? Well, Adam is the crowning glory on children for our family, so there you have it. Time for core work, and I’m going to start with yoga focused around core exercises. I need to add arm balances and upper body strengthening, too, but I think toting the baby around is already helping with that … and the ballet upper body work.
  • Running/walking – today was about a 15 minute mile, two minutes of walking and one minute of running. I feel pretty good about that, actually! It’s been nine months since I dared to run. Nothing felt like it was falling out (#fourkids) and I didn’t feel exhausted after. Granted it was a little over 1.5 miles, but still! It was Houston and gross outside.

That’s it. No weight loss goals specifically, just toning and getting fit again. This is a picture I took at the beginning of August. I’ll keep taking a picture with me and Adam at the beginning of each month to see what changes – for him and for me!

IMG_4300 What else should I think about for post-baby fitness? Can’t slash calories – nursing takes a lot, especially when you’re also active. Do you have ideas for healthy additions to my diet that will get me those extra calories without loading up my sugar and fat?

It’s a …

My last post was on June 20, when I was 39 weeks pregnant. I had not even the tiniest clue that our baby would be born two days later!

More of a labor story and eventual baby updates will come soon, but I did want to share that our surprise baby surprised us on SO many levels! First of all, may we introduce:


That’s right … it’s a BOY!! For all of my conviction that we were having a girl, for all the times we were right before, for all the kids’ certainty … (for all the tiny little things like baby girl socks I bought while pregnant and now have tucked away) … Adam Robert joined us and made our family complete with THREE boys and one girl.

I can quite honestly say that I never thought I’d be mom to three boys! This will be an interesting ride, and we will be renewing that Sam’s or Costco membership, you better believe it. I may even have to learn about sports.

Anyway, Adam also surprised us with a pretty fast (but decently paced!) labor. Labor started Sunday night, I didn’t quite believe it since I wasn’t at 40 weeks yet, and he was born Monday morning.

He is a wonderful baby, he really is. And a redhead! Wow, does he have some RED hair. I hope it stays!

We’re taking it easy (as easy as we can with three older siblings), but I’m getting antsy about getting out and running or at least doing some yoga again!