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And this is why I wear make-up

Today marks 30 weeks of pregnancy with baby #3. Baby Lamb* and I are doing great, but I’m definitely in the third trimester Fatigue Zone.

I’ve often thought about doing a post about how my morning make-up routine (typical of many women) may seem silly but makes a huge difference in how I look and feel. Today, after tossing and turning all night, was a prime example of the difference it can make!

Top-left: Just foundation and looking exhausted. Top-right: Now with blush and eyeliner, looking a little more awake. Bottom left: now we have mascara and I’ve perked up. Bottom right: As good as it gets – dash of lipstick and a quick brush of face powder to set it all.


I’m not a make-up artist by any stretch, nor do I claim to do it well. But seriously: look at the difference between no make-up (top left) and the finished face (bottom right).

And that, my friends, is why the 15 minutes of make-up time is worth it for me! It saves a whole lot of time that would otherwise be spent all day explaining that I’m not actually sick.


(My disguise kit …)

* Since we have “surprise” babies (don’t find out boy/girl until the birth), they all get nicknames until they’re born. 🙂

True Story

The last two nights I’ve been awake at 2:30 am, on the trail of the neighborhood’s Most Annoying Bird. I’m good with birds being all happy and singing, but I’m not good with that happening at 2:30 in the morning. I don’t know if this is a recent arrival with jet lag or what, but it needs to chill out.

The first night I woke up the dog and sicced her on the bird. She, being stupid and also tired, dutifully wagged her way out there and accomplished nothing. Full marks for being a good dog, though. Then I spotted a hula hoop and thought, “Now that’s a good projectile.” Toss, swish, flutter, and the bird shut up.

Last night the bird got crafty. It started singing its insane song at 2:30 again, and I growled out there with my hula hoop. Toss, swish, singing continues. And now it’s mocking me. Twice more I picked up the hula hoop and threw where I thought the noise was coming from.

I finally got silence, but I’m a little worried about what’s coming tonight.

It’s 3 a.m. again.

Nora woke up around 2:45 or so for her middle-of-the-night feeding, as she usually does. On a typical night Will, being an awesome husband and dad, goes and gets her out of her bed, brings her to me for her feeding, then takes her back to bed when she’s done. Lately I’ve been falling asleep (sitting up) during the feeding because Miss Nora is a gourmet eater who, true to her French roots, takes eight hours for a single meal. Fine, it’s more like 20 – 30 minutes, but whatever. Seth was a get-it-done, I-can’t-believe-you-starved-me-so-long sort of nurser; Nora takes her time and enjoys the experience. That’s fine, though, because usually I fall right back to sleep as soon as Will comes back from putting Nora in bed.

Obviously I didn’t do that tonight.

Instead I lay there with the random thoughts of the day swirling through my head again. You know how they say that dreams are your brain’s way of dealing with what the subconscious has absorbed through the day? Sometimes I feel like that happens while I’m still awake, usually at 3am or some other insomniac moment, and it GETS REALLY ANNOYING.

A sampling of the James Joyce-style rambling that rams through my brain at this time:

  • That manager today asked about the invoice for his training class … he shouldn’t have received one, did he actually submit the external training request, did I already approve it and forget about it?
  • Seth just cried out in his sleep — awake? Dirty diaper? Bad dream? He’s asleep again.
  • Why has Bonnie [black cat] claimed me as her own lately? She used to be just Will’s cat and now Clive sleeps on Will and Bonnie sleeps on me. She’s heavy. And hot.
  • I should really add some links to blogs I read.
  • Do people still check links on blogs? I mainly read through a feed reader and then click to comment. Would anyone even notice if I kept the actual site bare bones?
  • My back hurts. Maybe if I stretch it like this … no good.
  • Seriously, that manager at work. Did I forget that request? What happened to November?
  • I’m hungry.
  • I hate coming up with Truths for “Two Truths and a Lie.” Why are facilitators so bad at the activities/icebreakers we facilitate?
  • I am never going to sleep again.
  • What is Nora going to wear in the Christmas card pictures? I could reprise the Strawberry Shortcake dress with a long-sleeve onesie under it …
  • Why is it raining now?
  • I’m hungry.
  • Need to get that binder over to that other manager today.
  • I am never going to sleep again.

I finally gave up after an hour and got up for an apple, a book, and — since I obviously can’t sleep — computer time. I know that computer time is completely not supposed to help with insomnia, but whatever.

I’m hungry again, btw.

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