Update on my journey to the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 10K: I’m only $80 from my original fundraising goal of $500 for Homes for Our Troops! So it’s time for the next challenge … I’ve upped my goal to $750! What does this mean? Well, I’ll be racing no matter what – the $500 is the minimum. The $750 challenge is when we – gulp – let my three year old daughter Nora choose the final design of my running costume.

I’ll just let that challenge soak in a minute:

Nora Goes to Work
You can sponsor me here: Erin’s donation page. Here’s the donor challenge info:

  • For every $10 you donate, you get one vote toward choosing my costume character.  If you donate $30, you get three votes. $50, five votes. Like that!
  • If  you donate $25, I’ll send you a HFOT support sticker (10 available!) … and you get two character votes!
  • If you donate $50, I’ll send you a HFOT “We Support Our Troops” car magnet (5 available!) or lapel pin (5 available!) … and you get five character votes!
  • At $750, we let Nora choose from three costume variations based on what you, the voters, have chosen as the character.
  • At $1000, I sign up to run a half marathon … and so does Will. (Yes, I did just sneak that one in there!)

Thanks to everyone who was so nice about my soapbox post the other day. My last thought to share (for now) on the topic: so many of you said, “You look great!”  Well, remember that the next time YOU feel crazy hair/red-faced … you probably look great, too!