The eleventh day (on this, the 22nd day of July) prompts: What’s the worst injury you’ve received?

It may have been the time I sliced open my hand in the 5th grade. I was slicing an apple with a very long knife (first mistake). It got stuck, so I picked it up to get the knife through (second, major mistake). The knife went through, all right, then went right into my hand. Ouch.

Then there was the time I got stung by a jellyfish and ended up in the ER with shots of demerol and benadryl. Woooo!

Once while I was in high school, I was walking out of my bathroom and trying to pull my hair out of my collar. I caught my elbow on the doorframe, didn’t realize it, and kept walking. Unfortunately, my elbow stayed with the door, pulled me back, and jacked up my shoulder. My orthopedist (who I had on speed dial by the time I was 21) said I was lucky I was so flexible or I’d have torn everything in my shoulder.

I went skiing once. I fell getting out of the bus and messed up the ligaments in my left knee … which had healed about six months earlier from a surgery to get rid of another injury’s effects. Orthopedist’s comment: “What made you, of all people, think you could go skiing?”

Or how about the time I was in three car accidents within six months and wrecked the same shoulder I’d hurt in high school.

Then I went and had three kids and I’m not even going to talk about that adventure.

Moral of the story: okay, so I don’t really have a moral to the story, but it surely can’t be a good sign when you’ve got an orthopedist on speed dial.