Day 3 of the July Challenge asks about the last movie I saw in the theatres. That would be the magician heist caper flick “Now You See Me.” It seemed like critics didn’t think it was that great, but I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun at a movie. Will and I both enjoyed ourselves and were completely entertained … which is exactly what I was hoping for from a movie!

Which is a big change from one of the last movies I’d seen before NYSM … Lincoln. Excellent, excellent movie and thoroughly engrossing, but it was almost like watching Shakespeare. I didn’t feel quite smart enough to catch all the things that were going on in the movie. I was smart enough to know there were things there, but not quick enough to catch them all. Great movie, though. I was slightly distracted through the last half hour when I started having contractions (that ended up not going anywhere!). Thank goodness that part was anticlimactic.