Challenge for Day 1! (On the evening of Day 3. Oops.)

Goals for the month:

  1. Start running/exercising again. The humidity was low by Houston standards last night (45% instead of 90%) and Jude wouldn’t go down at his normal bedtime. I took out the single jogger, popped him in (still in his jammies), and went for a wog … also known as the walk/jog. I will never be a fast runner, and I probably won’t even be a good one, but I enjoy it more than I thought I would. We did 2 miles last night, and I’m really looking forward to doing it again. I just need to remember to add in other exercise and stretching (yoga!) … in all that free time I have.
  2. Put down the phone/iPad/etc. and focus on being in the moment with my family. Capturing every cute moment on Instagram doesn’t do me any good if I’m not participating in it. I love being connected and taking all my pictures and I love my stupid little games on the phone, but I love real people more.
  3. Pray more. Informally, as people come to my mind, I need to pray more for them.
  4. Remember that while my job may be our primary income, it is not my primary priority. Look for ways to support my husband and be present more for my kids.
  5. Have fun. I feel like I’ve been so stressed and tightly wound for at least the last year … I want to just ENJOY MYSELF!

That one wasn’t too bad …