It’s December, it’s the only time I think about updating my blog and actually show up at the computer to do it … it must be time for Holidailies again! (And I’m already a day late.)

The last time I did Holidailies, our family was a man, a woman, a preschool boy, a baby girl, two cats, and a dog. Now our family has one less cat (worthy of discussion another time), a pre-kindergartner, a preschool girl, a baby on the way, and we still have the dog. The new baby is due in about 24 days, so that’s just crazy to think about. It also means this Holidailies could be very exciting and/or completely interrupted! We also just sold a house, we’re building a house that should be done next month, and we’re trying not to add anything else to make us even more crazy.

We’re in Houston, so there will likely be no pictures of snow-bedecked houses at this journal. In fact, it’s 84 degrees right now and I’m having hot flashes. I thought that having a baby in December would be better than in July or August, but right now it feels mostly the same … except the air conditioner isn’t kicking on quite often enough.

And if you’ll excuse me, I must go convince my daughter that’s not a picture of a semi truck off in the distance behind Mary and Joseph in her Christmas story book.